Abortion and Its Evil Twin, Euphemism

Nor is the lie the only means of falsehood. They all speak with a Nazi double talk with which to deceive the unwary. Before we accept their word at what seems to be its face, we must always look for hidden meanings.
— Robert H. Jackson, Closing Argument, Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials

At last month’s International Women Deliver Conference in Malaysia, the world’s foremost “reproductive rights” feminists attended, including Americans Melissa Gates, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and Chelsea Clinton. They rolled out a new abortion mantra, Safe and Legal Abortion.  Apparently, the abortion activists decided to drop the word rare from their 40 year old slogan.

What Happened to Rare?

Remember, when Hillary Clinton and her abortion cohorts were soft pedaling abortion with the tantalizing maxim, “We want to make abortion safe, legal and rare?” Rare was the buzzword of the day. Their orchestrated media campaign carefully chose the word, rare, to assure and assuage the gullible public that abortion would be, very infrequent.  Hillary and her movement faked concern about abortion by luring us into believing that their goal was to make abortion rare. That convenient euphemism was nothing more than a phony and disingenuous attempt to minimize the reality of abortion by feigning common ground with pro lifers.  We can all agree that we want abortion to be rare. Right?

Well, 53 million abortions later, rare it isn’t.  Are you persuaded now that her abortion mantra was simply a euphemistic ruse for expansive abortion rights?

By necessity, the growth of radical movements are often fed with euphemistic language to encourage support, disguise true goals, and mask diabolical schemes.  It is a way of making unsavory acts more acceptable by referring to them using euphemisms.

Hitler used the clever and innocuous term, Final Solution to describe  the systematic elimination of all European Jews. The Fuhrer euphemistically called facilities for killing German children, “infant homes” or “special children’s wards.”  Albert Speer, Hitler’s cohort, acknowledged that euphemistic language played a key role by carrying out “the whole structure of the system which was aimed at preventing conflicts of conscience from even arising.”

Nothing invites complacency more than reassuring language.

Who could question a safe, legal and rare abortion? Only a radical pro life extremist would object to those rational, sane, and antiseptic terms propounded by the abortion movement.  However, the lie is finally exposed; it is obvious where abortion is legal, it is neither safe nor rare.

Meanwhile, the true underlying and carefully concealed goal is global unrestricted abortion on demand. The old abortion tagline has successfully run its course and served its devious purpose because no one will believe that abortion is rare with 1.3 million abortions yearly in the United States and at least 13 million abortions in China every year. The rare argument masterfully fooled people, politicians and policy makers for a long time. Time to retire it.  Dr. Ryan Topping points out the left’s strategic, yet subversive use of language in his compelling book, Rebuilding Catholic Culture:

“The radical left’s appeal to the language of rights today only obfuscates their true philosophical position to be made manifest tomorrow. Such language will be dropped when it no longer serves their purposes.”

As Topping predicts, rare is now replaced with reproductive right as the updated euphemism of choice (excuse the pun) for the abortion movement.

Ah, how clever to name the conference, Women Deliver! It’s such a quaint and cynical double entendre to lure corporate funding and the public into admiration for the work of the conference.  At first glance, the title suggests that the conference is about helping global women deliver healthy babies. No, the exact opposite is the goal of the event. Women Deliver is about empowering women to avoid having babies. Watch closely, as words, those missing, and those in abundance, expose the true conference agenda, and uncover the real motives behind these Hillary-inspired events.

A search of key words exposes the real nature of the Women Deliver Conference.  Here’s just a smattering of words which tells you all you need to know about the conference:

Words # of times mentioned in Conference Materials

Reproductive Health 100

Abortion 54

Girls 84

Wife 0

Husband 0

Babies 3

Pregnancy 7

Under the banal banner of reproductive rights, the next target is full access to contraceptive and abortifacient services for girls.  They have already succeeded in the United States with unrestricted availability of Plan B for all children.  The abortion lobby objective is now to indoctrinate and force foreign schools, countries, non profits into providing “reproductive health,” i.e., abortion and contraceptive services to girls, yes, underage girls.

Words banned by the Abortion Movement

Not surprisingly, there is no mention of “wife” or “husband” in the conference materials. These words signify roles which are so passé to the left.  Traditional marriage between a husband and a wife is so déclassé among the abortion elites. Banish them into oblivion.

How curious, yet so revealing, that a conference entitled Women Deliverbarely mentions the obvious word, baby. In the abortion lexicon, baby is a non entity, so baby barely gets a nod; that troubling word conjures up far too many complicated images, like the cute unborn baby with the heartbeat, sucking its thumb in the womb.  One wonders if Johnson & Johnson, one of the conference corporate sponsors was aware that the conference organizers didn’t quite share its same enthusiasm for babies?

Finally, isn’t pregnancy an integral feature of reproductive health? Why such little attention to the word, pregnancy? Pregnancy, like baby, are words avoided in the nuanced glossary of the global reproductive health abortion movement. The unmistakable intent is to eliminate these confining roles, words and conditions of wife, babies, and pregnancy. You won’t see or hear those words anymore.

The goal is to make them, Rare.

ArticleLara Barger