Silence the Lambs

As to the evil which results from a censorship,
It is impossible to measure it,
for it is impossible to tell where it ends.
— Jeremy Bentham

When the investigators walked in the room they smelled the foul odors. Then the police began to discover the unimaginable: body parts in formaldehyde and jars holding other body parts. They opened the refrigerator and saw bags of body parts preserved in the freezer. The victims were strangled and dismembered. Most of the victims were poor African Americans or poor immigrants. 

This macabre crime scene sounds eerily like the Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic described in the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report and trial.

Guess again.

The above description is from one of the most widely covered murder trials in the annals of crime cases, the Milwaukee serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The nation was riveted as the print and television mainstream media eagerly detailed the horrific revelations of Dahmer’s crime spree.  The press provided door to door trial coverage of Dahmer’s 17 grisly murders in his killing chamber.  Even international reporters flocked to the Milwaukee courthouse, to chronicle the macabre details of this serial killer.

In the Dahmer courtroom, 23 seats were reserved for reporters, who quickly lined up and filled to capacity the designated press seating area. However, the press gallery remained largely unoccupied at the Gosnell trial.  Why?

What happened to the press mantra, if it bleeds, it leads? The evidence in the Gosnell trial surely rivaled Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial for blood and gore.

Yet, from the onset of the release of the 300 page Grand Jury Report, the media preordained that Gosnell was a non story, arguing that it was not worthy of coverage because it was simply a local story. Aren’t all murder cases local stories?

The Kermit Gosnell trial will go down in the press annals as the most ignored spectacular murder trial. Ignoring important news is the most insidious form of censorship because it renders the public uninformed and powerless.

Curious, isn’t it that the media wouldn’t cover one of the most sensational and grisly multiple murder trials of the 21st century? The media loves a good murder trial.

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most notorious mass murderers in American history, known around the world. Yet,  according to Gallup, only 25% of the Americans were following the Kermit Gosnell trial. The two crime scenes are shockingly similar, yet one trial made headlines, and the other was buried in the heap of political correctness.Take a look at the details that the media dismissed as unnewsworthy.

  • DAHMER: Police uncovered an extensive photo collection that Dahmer had taken documenting his crimes. They found Polaroid photos taken by Dahmer at various stages of his victims’ deaths. GOSNELL: Similarly, Gosnell would often photograph women’s genitalia before hie performed their abortions. Gosnell took pictures of women, and of fetuses, with a digital camera and with his camera phone. GJp.73

  • DAHMER: Dahmer chose to keep body parts of his victims as trophies of his horrific crimes. GOSNELL: Police investigators found a row of jars containing the severed feet of fetuses.  There were 30 such jars of baby feet.

  • DAHMER: Jeffrey Dahmer mutilated his victims and stored the victims’ heads and dismembered body parts  in his freezer.  GOSNELL:Baby Boy B, whose body was found at the clinic frozen in a one-gallon spring-water bottle, was at least 28 weeks of gestational age when he was killed. Another intact 19-week fetus delivered at the clinic was in a freezer. GJp5.

  • DAHMER: Police found the remains of 11 bodies in Dahmer’s apartment. GOSNELL: In all, the remains of 45 fetuses were recovered at the clinic and turned over to the Philadelphia medical examiner, who confirmed that at least two of them, and probably three, had been viable. GJp. 21

  • DAHMER killed 17 boys. GOSNELL: Over the years, there were hundreds of “snippings” of babies born alive from botched abortions. It was Gosnell’s standard business practice, to slay viable babies. GJp.25

  • DAHMER: A human head and 3 bags of organs were found in Dahmer’s apartment  refrigerator. Three heads, a torso and various internal organs were inside a free-standing freezer. GOSNELL’s police team discovered during the raid, freezers at the clinic full of discarded fetuses, and medical waste was piled up in the basement.  GJp. 47

  • GOSNELL: He also killed live, viable, moving, breathing, crying babies. He killed them by cutting their spinal cords after their mothers had delivered them after receiving excessive amounts of medication designed to induce active labor. This report documents multiple murders of viable babies. The evidence makes a compelling case that many others were also murdered. GJp. 25

The mainstream media devoured the sordid and grisly details of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment, but turned a blind eye to Gosnell’s clinic, choosing to censor the grisly reality of abortion. For forty years the mainstream media refused to report, investigate, and expose the dangers of abortion. Similarly, the Gosnell Grand Jury excoriated the inaction and motivation of state bureaucrats that failed to investigate Gosnell for 19 years. The same can be said of the press:

“We think the reason no one acted is because the women in question were poor and of color, because the victims were infants without identities, and because the subject was the political football of abortion.” GJp.13

By clinging to their liberal ideology, the media is similarly complicit as the Pennsylvania bureaucrats who looked the other way and ignored the Gosnell killing chamber. Except for a handful of new media reporters, the Gosnell story was deep sixed, like the aborted babies in the freezer.

The gig is up. The lie of abortion is finally exposed in gory technicolor despite the liberal media coverup. For generations and decades, the babies have been sacrificed at the liberal altar of abortion. Censorship is the tool of the tyrannical who can’t win the debate of ideas. Who suffers? The Grand Jury answered that question at the end of its shocking report.

“Like infanticide, illegal abortions can go undetected for years, or forever. There is no one to complain and, most often, no witness to testify.” GJp.247

…And, no media to report the silence of the lambs.

ArticleLara Barger