Yore Learning Lessons from the Sandusky Trial


Lessons Learned from the victims/children of Sandusky

Day One-Victim #4

Type of Predator

  • Often Married

  • Often Highly Prestigious Profession

  • Often Appearing Generous, Caring, Thoughtful, Solicitous of Family and Child

  • Grooms parent to have access to child

Type of Victim

  • At risk background

  • Single Family household

  • Foster child-previous abuse

  • Needing Attention

  • Poor

  • Boys-pre-pubescent

Type of Predatory Behavior

  • lavishes gifts and attention on child

  • taking child alone

  • taking child on trips

  • taking a child on a sleepover

  • taking child on trips outside of state

  • lavishes praise on child and parent

Why the victims don’t talk!

  • Boy victims seldom talk because of shame and humiliation

  • Fear that the gifts and attention will stop

  • Fear that no one will believe them

  • Fear that they were complicit in the abuse (Predators tell them)

  • FEAR -threatened by predators not to talk

  • Fear that they should not break “the contract” with Jerry Sandusky

  • Psychologically and physically controlled by predator

CHILDREN RARELY DISCLOSE ABUSE. Children will often deny abuse.

*Allegations and testimony from victims of Jerry Sandusky during the June 11, 2012 trial. Jerry Sandusky is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers.

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