Hillary’s War against Females

The War against Women firestorm was front and center at the March 20, 2012, Women in the World Summit in New York City. The event featured powerful feminist women in business, education, politics and, of course, Hollywood. The star power slot was filled by actress,  Meryl Streep, who was given the honor of introducing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Referencing the ever present ongoing war against women, Streep used the war metaphor when she introduced Clinton at the NYC summit and telling the female audience that  “Hillary” rhymes with “Artillery.”

‘Artillery Hillary’ does have a nice and appropriate ring.

Artillery Clinton addressed the audience by injecting herself into the Sandra Fluke media maelstrom. Clinton reminded the audience that she has served as the feminist missionary voice for the last 20 years; the one who stuck her neck out for women and girls, she has been on the frontline waging this war for female reproductive rights for two decades. Listen to her faux humble self promotion:

“Because for me, it has not been so much work, as a mission, it has not been as strenuous, as it has been inspiring, to have had the chance throughout my life, but certainly in these last 20 years, to have the privilege of meeting women and girls in our own country and then throughout the world who are taking a stand, whose voices are being heard, who are assuming the risks that come with sticking your neck out, whether you are a democracy activist in Burma (Aung San Suu Kyi) or a Georgetown law student in the United States (Sandra Fluke).”

This was a cautionary shot across the bow from Clinton to the media and public; don’t become too enamored with this young upstart, Sandra Fluke.  Hillary Clinton never misses an opportunity to remind the world of her lasting and sacrificial contribution to women with her worn out mantra: reproductive rights are women’s rights.

Hillary armed with her feminist army argues that the world is a better place for women and girls because of her reproductive rights war dance. Women deserve this right. Her battle cry: Make abortion safe, legal and rare.

The NYC summit was all about the future of girls.   Meryl Streep, in her best Oscar voice, enthusiastically proclaimed that being at the Summit was like being plugged in to an energy source. “It’s bigger than oil, coal — it’s girls!” she said.

The feminist army, headed by General Artillery Clinton would save the girls of the world. Girls, girls, girls.

After 20 years of hearing Clinton’s drumbeat, it is only fair to ask who are the casualties of Clinton campaign for reproductive rights. Who are the victims of Clinton’s reproductive war?  To use the words of Ms. Streep, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’

So how has the war against women fared under General Artillery Clinton? How rare is her precious right of abortion? What campaigns were waged by General Artillery Clinton and her feminist troops over the last 20 years?

Throughout her militaristic feminist career, Hillary has morphed from a self-ordained child advocate, to a women’s rights proponent, and now as a reproductive rights champion. As the standard bearer of the well-worn feminist mantra, “women rights are reproductive (read: abortion) rights,” Clinton tries to superficially moderate her radical stance by using the tag line, make abortion, “safe, legal and rare.” Don’t be fooled.

Clinton’s global campaign goal is making abortion anything but rare; she wants free and easy access to abortion for all, not unlike her protege, Ms. Fluke. General Clinton’s abortion carpet bombing campaign has continued throughout her years as First Lady, U.S. Senator, and, now, as Secretary of State. It is arguably the longest running war waged by an American.

So what has abortion, the Holy Grail of Feminism, done for women and girls around the world in the last 20 years?

Let the facts speak for themselves. The experts are not the feminists, nor the politicians; it is the global demographers who count the bodies. The battle field is sadly littered with the bodies of millions of females.

In the recent book, Unnatural Selection, Mara Hvistendahl interviewed  global demographers who track population trends and the shocking consequences of world wide access to abortion.  Now that abortion is safe and legal around the world, it is no longer rare.  Clinton has nearly achieved her goal in her abortion revolution.

If given the “choice” of abortion, millions of women are choosing to abort their female children. How could this be? Surely, women want more females on the planet. This is the dirty big secret that feminists and media are keeping under wraps.  Abortion is being used to sex select and abort female children, not just in China, but around the world.

The tragic and brutal irony of the feminist abortion rights revolution is the preponderance of sex selection abortion which overwhelmingly prefers boys over girls. Contrary to the feminist drumbeat that men, not women, choose sex selection abortion  Hvistendahl opines:

“Women have become, in a sense, their own worst enemies. Development, remember was supposed to improve the lot of women–and in many areas it does. But when it comes to reproduction, the opposite happens: women use their increased autonomy to select for sons.”

Women use their reproductive right of abortion to select for sons and abort their daughters.

So this is the logical extension of the time honored female reproductive right of abortion.  It is reminiscent of the saying, “We have met the enemy…and she is us.”

Sex selection abortion has claimed over 160 million potential women and girls in Asia alone according to demographers.

Is this your idea of “rare,” General Clinton?

The shocking widespread proliferation of sex selection abortion is described to Hvistendahl by demographers:

“Sex selection defies culture, nationality, and creed. Gender imbalance has hit Vietnam, which wasn’t supposed to be a patriarchal enough to avoid having girls. It has hit the Caucasus countries–Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia–which no one had even contemplated as possible trouble zones. And it has hit the Balkans, that war-torn region a quick boat ride from Italy. Added up, these figures yield a gap in male and female births unrivaled in human history.”

Sex selection abortion is spreading from country to country leaving a wake of dead baby girls. The feminists mislead the world by saying sex selection is only the domain of the brutal China’s one child policy. It started with China but like all deadly germs is spreading around the globe like a virulent virus.

In an ABC special report on India sex selection abortion, Elizabeth Vargas disclosed the breathtaking numbers of sex selection in India. Indian government officials told her that some 50,000 female fetuses are aborted every month in India.  It is estimated that one million girls “disappear” in India every year. One million girls.

Is that your idea of rare, General Clinton?

Clinton and her feminist army would have you believe that sex selection abortion is rare and the result of patriarchal societies which subjugate women. Rather, the population scientists have found that in many countries Clinton’s theory disintegrates.
Christophe Guilmoto, a renowned French demographer, found that sex selection abortion begins with the well educated as it did in South Korea and India. His research uncovered that sex selection defied geographic, religious, and ethnic stereotyping. It is happening in Central, South, and East Asia.

Those South Korean women sound very much like Clinton and her well educated army.

Is this your idea of rare, General Clinton?

The concerted and intentional eradication of female unborn children is shocking enough, but there are even more dire consequences in a world without women. The collateral damage of sex selection abortion leaves women and children at further risk of  exploitation.

So what are the unintended, but not surprising logical consequences, of this preponderance of males in the world?

Because of sex selection abortion, the revolution of masculinization is spreading around the globe. Sex Selection Abortion is the silent global epidemic, wreaking havoc on women and girls. Gender selection abortion claims far more lives than AIDS, and yet, the ideological push for worldwide abortion goes unabated by General Clinton and her troops in every U.S. embassy and consular desk.

In the powerful book, Great Power Politics, Susan Yoshihara and Douglas Sylva, warn that the gender imbalance portends profound security disparities and other serious global consequences:

“As in China, the growing sex imbalance caused by selective abortion of baby girls has already given rise to human trafficking and may cause further social unrest.”

Hvistandahl also relates that the obvious consequences of a dearth of females creates a world where “prostitution thrives in places where men outnumber women. Today too, brothels in Asia have proliferated where the sex ratio is most skewed.”

She also notes that, “In China, too, child marriage is on the rise. The once extinct practice of buying an infant or young girl and raising her along her future husband…..has reemerged.”

The unintended, but obvious consequences of the feminist global abortion campaign creates an upsurge in the enslavement of girls through prostitution and sex trafficking. The epidemic of sex selection abortion obviously results in a severe shortage of women in countries. Demographers found that missing females create a proliferation of prostitution, sex trafficking, and AIDS. It is the human condition that an imbalance in nature creates a void and the void is replaced by chaos.

The proliferation of sex trafficking, prostitution, child marriage, and AIDS……

Is this your idea of a safe world for women and children, General Clinton?

So, this is the growing battlefield carnage left by General Clinton and her troops. Few media outlets are covering the impending disasters resulting from the abortion agenda. Contrary to General Clinton’s assertions, her abortion agenda has not made the world safer for women. How pitifully ironic that the feminist abortion campaign drastically diminished females in numbers, stature and opportunity.  The masculinization of the globe runs rampant thanks to the abortion feminists.

So when you hear General Clinton and her army promoting global health, reproductive rights, women rights, maternal health, know that she is really promoting abortion rights. Tragically, abortion is a no longer rare, it is a global plague targeting females.

In the closing paragraph of her book, It Takes a Village, Clinton pontificates that:

“Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes children to raise up a village to become all it should be. The village we build with them in mind will be a better place for us all.”

The only problem with that village, General Clinton, is that there has been an abortion war on women, and the girl children are all gone from the village. Are you happy now? You lost the war. Please, declare defeat, and go home.

ArticleLara Barger