The Creep Speaks

They can take away my life, they can make me out as a monster, they can treat me as a monster, but they can’t take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged, disgusting acts.
— Sandusky Jailhouse Statement

If you wonder what goes through the heart and mind of a serial child molester, Jerry Sandusky’s jailhouse audio statement is a perfect window into a predator’s tortured and twisted psyche. Sandusky dusts off the old lame excuses employed by all pedophiles when convicted of their heinous crimes; the child victims are to blame and the system conspired unfairly to charge and convict him. He wants you to believe that he is the real victim.

Read carefully his tortured and self-absorbed words and sick reasoning:

“I’m responding to the worst loss of my life. First I looked at myself. Over and over, I asked why? Why didn’t we have a fair opportunity to prepare for trial? Why have so many people suffered as a result of false allegations? What’s the purpose? Maybe it will help others. Some vulnerable children who could be abused might not be as a result of all the publicity. That would be nice, but I’m not sure about it. I would cherish the opportunity to become a candle for others as they have been a light for me.”

Are you expecting Jerry to mention his victims who testified at the trial about the years of sexual abuse and torment they suffered at the hands of Sandusky? Are you hoping that Sandusky will apologize first to the victims and their families,  and then to the university for the scandal that his actions have created? No, Jerry cares only about himself and his deviant delusions.

“They can take away my life, they can make me out as a monster, they can treat me as a monster, but they can’t take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged, disgusting acts. My wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. Our love continues.”

Are you hoping that Jerry will ask for forgiveness from the victims who have suffered terrible emotional and mental abuse as a result of his molestation of them? Are you hoping that Jerry will tell the child victims that they didn’t deserve the horrible things he did to them? No, read on as Jerry assassinates the character of the child victim and spins his bizarre conspiracy theory.

“A young man who is dramatic and a veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything. He was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won. I’ve wondered what they really won. Attention, financial gain, prestige will all be temporary.”

Notice that Jerry will not take any blame for this debacle which he, and he, alone is responsible. This classic ‘blame the victim’ harangue is the hallmark of child predators. Sandusky brazenly tarnishes these child victims and their families as dysfunctional, and thus, untrustworthy.   After he trashes them in one sentence, then he quickly shifts and says that he “never labeled or put down” the boys or their families. This blame-shifting tirade colorfully displays the mental gymnastics employed by the trapped and cornered pedophile.

“Before you blame me, as others have, look at everything and everybody. Look at the preparation for the trial and the trial. Compare it to others. Think about what happened, why and who made it happen. Evaluate the accusers and their families. Realize they didn’t come out of isolation. The accusers were products of many more people and experiences than me. Look at their confidants and their honesty. Think about how easy it was for them to turn on me given the information, attention, and potential perks. I never labeled or put down them or their families. I tried and I cared, then asked for the same. Please realize all came to the Second Mile because of issues. Some of those may remain.”

The delusional rant continues as Sandusky arrogantly suggests that he didn’t lose based on the facts and the evidence. He weaves his web of denial hoping that the public will sympathize with him as the victim of an unfair judicial system.

“We will continue to fight. We didn’t lose to proven facts, evidence, accurate locations and times. Anything can be said. We lost to speculation and stories influenced by people who wanted to convict me. We must fight unfairness, inconsistency and dishonesty. People need to be portrayed for who they really are. We’ve not been complainers, and we couldn’t have kids we adopted, and we didn’t have time to prepare for trial. We still gave it our best. We will fight for another chance. We have been given many second chances and now will ask for one.”

“It will take more than our effort. Justice will have to be more than just a word, fairness be more than just a dream. It will take others — somebody apolitical with the courage to listen, to think about the unfairness, to have the guts to stand up and take the road less traveled. I ask for the strength to handle everything and the willingness to surrender only to God, regardless of the outcome.”

Sandusky’s narcissistic ramblings point the finger of blame at everyone, but himself. His denial and self delusion are the very characteristics that make him so dangerous to children. Jerry believes he is innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. He can never be trusted around children Without the mounds of evidence, testimony, eye witnesses, one might be lulled into believing that Jerry Sandusky is a victim. His facile lying, deceiving and manipulating allowed him to abuse countless children for decades and fool and blind adults to his evil and deceitful actions.

Society should not expect insight, contrition, or shame from child predators. They care only about themselves. Sandusky’s profoundly narcissistic self serving statement should shock and awaken the conscience of the public. Did we think that now that he was convicted of 45 counts involving 10 boys that he would admit guilt and seek mercy? Foolish.

Sandusky gleefully and sneakily played a lethal game with vulnerable children. Like most pedophiles, he chose his victims carefully. His victims were boys from troubled families in need of a father figure and unlikely to disclose abuse.  For 15 years, he was able to orchestrate his devious plan without any scrutiny from adults.

Pedophiles, like Sandusky, have no shame and persist in blaming the victim. In so doing, he continues to perpetuate abuse and pain on his victims. Jerry is the narcissistic bully who pins children to the walls of showers, wrestling mats and beds and repeatedly molests them, and when caught, tries to blame the children or the system.

“He(the boy victim) was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won. I’ve wondered what they really won: Attention, financial gain, prestige.”

Ironically, it was Sandusky who engineered a well-orchestrated effort which thrived for 15 years as he used the Penn State system, Second Mile Children’s Charity, his prestigious position to secure access to vulnerable children and abuse them repeatedly. For too long, Sandusky sought attention, financial gain, prestige from Penn State and the football community so he could lurk in the dark corridors and showers molesting and raping little boys.

If Sandusky thought that his words would serve as a brilliant and persuasive pre-emptive strike before his sentencing, he was sorely mistaken. The Court’s tough, but proper sentence of 30-60 years serves as an appropriate punishment for the pain Sandusky inflicted on countless children.

Can the system impose and adequate sentence on the loss of innocence? Hardly. The only guarantee is that the lengthy sentence will guarantee that Jerry Sandusky never hurts another child again.

Thankfully, his reign of terror is over.

ArticleLara Barger